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Empowering Organisations to host Physical, Virtual and Hybrid Events

Who We Are

We are Event Engagement Imagineers. We augment your content into our platform to create exceptional events.

We handle Pre-Event Services, Event-Day Services & Post Event Services.

We handle a wide range of Event Types - from Conferences, Exhibitions, Incentive Trips, Product Launches, AGMs, Sports Festivals, Fundraising and More. 

Our Formats include Physical, Virtual, Omnichannel and Metaverse. 


Why Use Us

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Digital Staging

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Speaker and Abstract

Speaker Calls – We will manage calls to onboard and rehearse with the Speakers

Abstract Management –We will Deploy an Abstract Portal and Manage the Abstract Review Process

Video Session Production (Remote, Studio, Onsite)

We produce digital videos for webinars, & conferences.


We will assist and manage Domain Purchase, Website Construction & Deployment, Payment Gateway Integration, Stock Photo/Video Acquisition, FAQ Creation & More

Invites & EDM

We will help Plan and Execute E-Mail Invite, EDM HTML Coding & Response Tracking

Metaverse (Web 2.0 & Web 3.0)

We create 3D rendered-models of venues, lobbies, props, products, environments, & plan layout

We install engagement points - widgets, QR Codes, Tracking Devices 

We produce a flyover of site in video/animation 

We assist in deployment - your own land or open lands (Decentraland, Sandbox, etc)

We assist with your Tokenomics strategy (Web 3.0)



Social Media Integration

We will help integrate Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube & More

E-Marketing Integration

We will implement and manage HubSpot CRM, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Google Ads, Yandex Metrical, Privy VWO, Crazy Egg, Hotjar and More


We will assist to promote Sponsorship Packages, Manage Payments & Onboard the Sponsors

Database Purchases & Integrations

We will assist in Marketing Database Purchase and Integration


We will Plan and Execute your Gamification Campaign

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Resources & Policies

We will Setup

  • Event Program & Content in the System

  • Inventories for Tickets and Allotments in the System 

  • All Communication Materials in the System

  • Access Rights for All Users in the System

  • Deploy Localized Hardware if Required

Registration Pages

  • We will Setup and Manage Registration Pages for Delegates, Vendors, Exhibitors, Virtual Delegates & More

  • We will Setup and Manage Language Localisation & Group Registration System Systems

Bulk Registration

We will assist with importing in Mass Registration Data and/or Setup Group Registration Portal for bulk entry​ of registrations

Exhibition Portal

We will Setup and Manage Online Floor Plan, Online Booking & Online Payment

Activity Portals

We will Setup and Manage Sightseeing, Team Building, Gala Dinner, Workshop, Airport Transfer Portal & More


Discount Scheme & Online Payment

We will Setup and Manage Promo Code, Early bird & Group Discount, Auto-Pricing & Payment Gateway

Accreditation and Data Mapping

We will Consult, Setup and Manage Accreditation for Ticket Types for Service Access & Entitlements

Privacy Services

We will Consult, Setup and manage:

  • Data-Consent Management

  • Data-Intermediary Management

  • Data Processor/Controller

  • Data Transfer Agreements

SMS Gateway

We will Setup and Manage an SMS Gateway for Reminder, Alert, Tokenised Event Invites, Ticket/Pass & More


(Event Day)

Attendee Tech Support

We will provide live technical support for Attendees, Organisers, Vendors, VIPs, Exhibitors, Speakers & More

Session Scan-In

We will Setup, Operate and Manage Access Control & Attendance Reporting for Both Physical and Virtual Events

Onsite Service Desk

We will Setup and Manage an Onsite Service Desk for Registration, Badging, Secretariat, Pre-Dinner Seating, Game Redemption, Privacy Concierge & More


We will Manage and Operate the Reporting System for Vendors such as Caterers, Transport Companies & Flight Ticketing Agents





We will Deploy, Manage and Operate Systems for Attendees, Organisers, Vendors, Exhibitors & More

Event Mobile Apps

We will Deploy and Support Mobile Apps For Attendees, Organisers,

Business Matching

We will Setup and Manage Buyer and Seller Schedules for Meetings

Soft Credentials

We will Setup and Support Credentials such as QR codes, RFIDs, Security Questions, Passwords & More

Digital PBX & Global SMS Broadcast

We will Setup:

  • Local numbers Available in 30+ Countries

  • SMS System for Reminders, Alerts & Tokenised Tickets


Digital Staging

Virtual Event Platform
We will Setup and Deploy

  • Sessions

  • Exhibitions

  • Networking Sessions

  • E-poster

  • And More

Live Streaming & Production
We will Assist in Live Streaming and Production using Zoom, GotoWebinar, YouTube, Vimeo, Live Stream Studio, Wirecast, vMix & More

Digital Engagement:

We will Consult, Deploy and Operate your Game Emcees, Leaderboards, Beacons & Redemption Management Systems

Live Engagement
We will Deploy and Operate the Q&A, Live Polling, In-Session Survey, Social Wall Systems, Discussion Forums & More


Digital Rentals & Services

Cost-Effective Live Content Capture (for small conferences)
We will Setup and Operate a Single-camera & Single Operator with Auto-Skewing System

Digital Decorations
We Consult, Plan and Setup Digital FX for different events

Onsite Technology Services
We will Setup and Manage Wi-Fi/Network, Beacon Deployments & Other Technology Hardware

Event Run Sheet System
We will Deploy Event Run Sheet and Systems to Automate Event Logistics, Assign Resources/Tasks & More

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