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The move towards a greener world extends deeper beyond recycling. On institutional levels, shifts in focus towards sustainability have opened up a whole world of options for retail investors to channel their funds towards companies trying to make a positive impact on

Sustainable Investing - reaping returns and playing a part in improving the world has become an increasingly attractive proposition to smart investors who see the world they leave behind as a legacy.

Find out more from Veerappan Swaminathan and Hardik Shah as they share the benefits, how to get started and what the future of sustainable investing looks like.


Veerappan Swaminathan.png

Veerappan Swaminathan

Founder, Sustainable Living Lab

Hardik Shah.png

Hardik Shah

ESG Practice Lead, GMO LLC


Financial literacy is a concept that eludes many younger folks just grasping basic money management. Throw in the mere mention of investing and many are intimidated.

The idea of investing also sounds like a lofty dream to many just drawing their first paychecks but it is much easier to get started than it seems.

Join Zhin Sadali and Bryan Tan as they break down the basics of investing the do’s and don’ts and how you can grow to become a financially literate and independent adult.


Zhin Sadali.png

Zhin Sadali

Host & Actor with TheSmartLocal and Mediacorp

Bryan Tan.png

Bryan Tan

Senior Financial Services Manager, Prudential


Congratulations if you have made your first foray into investing! Learning about and getting started has never been more accessible.


But if you have found yourself asking what’s next, consider multi-assets investments. A diversified portfolio isn’t just for the conservative looking to minimise risk, it’s for the savvy who want to maximise returns. Balancing asset classes and products is a fine act and getting started with medium to low risk instruments can be a rewarding yet safe start to building your personal portfolio.


Adam Wong and Pang Kin Weng share their thoughts and insights on Multi-Asset Investing. 


Adam Wong.png

Adam Wong

Editor-in-Chief, The Fifth Person

Pang Kin Weng.png

Pang Kin Weng

Fund Manager, Multi-Asset, Schroders


Many women successfully wear many hats - employee or entrepreneur, partner or spouse, and some - mothers. They proudly own these roles and excel in them, so why not also be investor?


The same decision making skills and confidence that empower women to make waves in the workplace can translate well to successful investing.


In #GirlBoss, we unpack the challenges that women face when it comes to investing and how they can learn to take the reins of their finances at various life stages.


Learn what are some of the key factors of investing well for women and of course - how to be your own #GirlBoss.


Anna Haotanto.png

Anna Haotanto

Founder & CEO, The New Savvy

Christina Teo.png

Christina Teo

Chief Builder, she1K



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