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Embedded in the endless scrolling on social media are advertisements and #sponsoredposts from fast food and bubble tea brands. These messages and images greet our children every time they open a social media app. 


How can we tackle the conversations about moderation?

Learn more about nutritional dollar value and how that relates to your grocery lists, and you might look at that packet of frozen chicken nuggets a little differently next time.

Join Sharon Ismail, actress, assistant director and mother, and nutritionist Charlotte Mei as they share bite-sized tips on how you can improve your family’s outlook on food. 



Sharon Ismail

Actress, Asst. Director & Mother of 2


Charlotte Mei


S4E2 - Brave New World.jpg

The dizzying rise of fast fashion in the past decade, along with apparel trendy and easy on the wallet that can be bought with a few clicks, has contributed to full wardrobes and heaving landfills. Many of these pieces end up barely worn and buried under more impulse buys. 

Entrepreneurs Susannah Jaffer and Ho Su Pei are on a mission to reduce overconsumption with their respective businesses.

Join them as they bring to light the realities of thoughtless consumption and consumer wastage, and share how we can do our part in battling climate change. 



Susannah Jaffer

Founder of


Ho Su Pei

Founder of

Su By Hand

S4E3 - Ok Boomer.jpg

How do we communicate with a generation that uses memes and GIFs to put across their points? 

As true digital natives, teenagers now live out their lives online. What kind of insights can parents glean from a child’s social media account and how can they bridge a communication gap that seems to widen with every new app that takes the virtual world by storm?

Check out what family life educator Charis Patrick and content creator Maddy Breteche-Lo have to say.



Charis Patrick

Relationship Matters


Maddy Breteche-Lo



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