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Dr Vincent Lee

 31 October, Day 1 (Sat)

12:55-13:30 hrs

Opening Welcome Talk

Dr Lim Yong Kuei, President of OGSS


Updated Management of Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

Dr Liu Shuling, KKH

13:35-14:05 hrs

Induction of Labour – When and How – Updated Evidence

Assoc Prof Citra Mattar, NUHS

14:10-14:40 hrs

Influence of Maternal Nutrition on Fetal Development and Obstetric Outcomes

(Sponsored Symposium – FrieslandCampina Singapore Pte Ltd)

Prof Tan Kok Hian, KKH

14:45 – 15:00 hrs

Networking (Exhibitor and Attendees with 5 mins rotation)

15:05-15:35 hrs

Prevention of Preterm Labour


Dr Tony Tan, Tony Tan Women & Fetal Clinic

15:40-16:10 hrs

The Importance of Casein mineralization for Protein Digestion

(Sponsored Symposium – FrieslandCampina Singapore Pte Ltd)


Prof Thom Huppertz

16:15-16:45 hrs

Updates on the Medical Management of Postpartum Haemorrhage

(Sponsored Symposium - Ferring Pharmaceutical Pte Ltd)


Dr Devendra Kanagalingam, SGH

16:50-17:20 hrs

Repair of Myometrial Defect (Niche) during Caesarean Section

Dr SHM Siraj , KKH

17:25-18:00 hrs

An Update to the Management of Hypertension in Pregnancy 


Dr Serene Thain, KKH



1 November, Day 2 (Sun)

08:25-08:55 hrs

Adhesion Prevention in Gynaecological Surgery

(Sponsored Symposium - Baxter Healthcare SA Singapore Branch)

Dr Joseph Ng, NUHS

09:00-10:00 hrs

A Novel Non-Antibiotic Modality for Managing Bacterial Vaginosis

(Sponsored Symposium - Mundipharma Pharmaceuticals Pte Ltd)

Dr Janet Diane Wilson, Genitourinary Medicine and HIV Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

10:05-10:35 hrs

Role of the LNG-IUS in Women's Healthcare During COVID-19 Pandemic

(Sponsored Symposium - Bayer S.E.A Pte Ltd)

Dr Susan Logan, NUHS

10:40-11:10 hrs

Managing Women with Endometriosis until Menopause 

(Sponsored Symposium - Bayer S.E.A Pte Ltd)

Dr Andy Tan, SGH

11.15 – 11:30 hrs

Networking (Exhibitor and Attendees with 5 mins rotation)

11:35-12:05 hrs

Fertility Management with Ovulation Induction & Intrauterine Insemination 

(Sponsored Symposium - Merck Pte Ltd)

Dr Lim Min Yu, Astra Women’s & Fertility Specialists

12:10-12:40 hrs

Progesterone in Luteal Phase Support for ART

(Sponsored Symposium - Zuellig Pharma Pte Ltd)

Dr Suresh Nair, Seed of Life Fertility & Women’s

12:45-13:15 hrs

Evidence Based Laparoscopic Myomectomy

(Sponsored Symposium - Baxter Healthcare SA Singapore Branch)

Dr Celene Hui, KKH

13:20-14:00 hrs

What is the Current Status in Gynaecological Cancer Screening? 


Dr Wang Junjie – KKH



Dr Lim Yong Kuei - President, OGSS